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Dave Broom The Bartender's Book: The Essential Guide for Mixologists - Hardcover

€ 14,95 (inclusief 9% btw)

With more than 500 recipes for classic and contemporary cocktails, this outstanding collection is perfect for any would-be bartender! 
The Bartender’s Book has everything mixologists need to know, whether they’re professional or just eager to show off to family and friends. The centerpiece is an A-Z cocktails section that presents recipes and mixing instructions for hundreds of popular drinks, ranging from an Absolut Hero, Bloody Mary, and Caipirinha to a Passion Batida, Smoky Martini, and rum-packed Zombie. Special features showcase 10 classic cocktails, with background on their history and inventors. There’s also a glossary of bartending terminology, an index of all cocktails by their base spirits, and advice on stocking a home bar and storing ingredients

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