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Bogota to Beirut: Halcyon Days in the Whisky Trade; David Maxwell-Scott

€ 14,95 (inclusief btw)

Written by David Maxwell-Scott, the book, according to the blurb, gives a light-hearted account of the author’s time in the drinks business. 

Maxwell-Scott began his career in the industry in 1962, working as a management trainee at the then newly formed International Distillers & Vintners. From there, he joined J&B Whisky, and from 1970, a halcyon era in the Scotch whisky business began for Maxwell-Scott, up to 1996.

The book covers Maxwell-Scott’s fascinating journey around the world, from standing shoulder to shoulder with footballing legend Pelé in Brazil, to travelling Europe and beyond.

The book gives an engaging and informative insight into the industry during this period, as well as featuring the many eccentric and engaging characters that Maxwell-Scott met throughout on his spectacular journeys.

Commenting on the timeframe of which the book covers, Maxwell-Scott said: “From my first days in the wine trade to my eventual role as managing director of J&B Whisky, my story encompasses three decades and my travels across five continents. It is enlivened by an engaging cast of characters. This was an era when maverick traders and unorthodox marketing often combined to make my role really enjoyable.”

The back of the physical copy of the book notes the author’s generous royalties donation to CAFOD’s Humanitarian Appeal for Ukraine. On this decision, Maxwell-Scott added: “The war in Ukraine began as I was completing the book. Ukraine is one of the few places that I never visited. However,  I feel greatly for the people of that country and for their suffering.” (@

English, Paperback, 336 pages 



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