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Richard Altman : Distilling ; A DIY Guide to Building Your Own Still, and Making Your Own Whiskey

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Distilling: A DIY Guide To Building Your Own Still and Making Your Own Whiskey. In this book, we discuss the history of distilling and the history of whiskey in America, how to build your own still, how to create your own batch of home brewed whiskey, and the costs associated with doing so. If you are a novice homebrewer looking to break into the craft brewing hobby, this book is for you! What you will take away from reading this book:. A history of whiskey and distillation The different grains used in distilling whiskey. How to malt grains for distilling. How different grains affect whiskey The equipment needed to distill whiskey at home Ingredients necessary to distill whiskey. Step by step instructions for distilling whiskey. A comprehensive guide to building your own stillIt will be with great pride and pleasure that you complete your first run, and bask in the afterglow as you sip from the fruits of your labor. Gather your grains and your yeast, and get the still fired up. We are going to learn to make whiskey!

Softcover 80 pages

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