Martine Nouet is a French journalist who specialised in drinks and food. After having lived in Paris for 40 years, she moved to the isle of Islay. Her well-deserved nicknames are “The Queen of the Still” and “The First Lady of Whisky and Food.”
When she is not at her House of Bliss on Islay, writing articles or working on a new book, she travels the world, hosting whiskydiners. Her latest book is à table - whisky from glass to plate.
She has been the host at the opening dinner of the Whisky Festival North Netherlands (WFNN) for many years.

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    Martine Nouet : à table : Whisky from glass to plate
    Martine Nouet : à table : Whisky from glass to plate

    This attractive new cookbook takes an original slant on whisky as an accompaniment to good food. Martine Nouet is an authority on both whisky and French cuisine, and her book presents 60 recipes honed from her many years of…

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