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Independent Scotch, The History of Independent Bottlers: David Stirk

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“Independent Scotch - The History of Independent Bottlers” by David Stirk charts the demise of the small blending and brokering firms from the 1940s through to the 80s and then the rise of the Independent Bottler from the late 1980s onwards. Intertwined is the story of his own career in the whisky industry and the beginnings through to the sale of The Creative Whisky Co Ltd.

The book discusses the impact of Independent Bottlers and their place within the modern industry. Also, and in collaboration with Thijs Klaverstijn, the book outlines the history of all of the major Indy bottlers; including interviews and contributions from some of the best known names. The book will be a unique insight into a much-loved part of the Scotch whisky industry.

Mark Watt:

Unique. There is no other word to describe the relationship between distiller, producer and independent bottler. In this first ever account of independent bottlers the author looks at the history of how and why this anomaly arose; how an aged and rooted, bulk-driven industry missed, at fi rst, the change in consumer demand. Using his own business as an example, this book explores how independent bottlers operate and helped to nurture a new and engaged consumer base.
With contributions from across the industry this book catalogues the lost and current independent bottling
companies. Often in their own words a picture will be painted of family, and consumer-driven enterprise (themes
that are the bedrock of the Scotch whisky industry); companies that strive to show Scotch whisky at the pinnacle of what it can achieve. Pour a dram and delve into the world of independent bottlers.

Hardcover: 252 pages

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