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Whisky and Other Spirits: Technology, Production and Marketing - 3th Edition

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Graham Stewart (redacteur), Julie Kellershohn (redacteur), Inge Russell (redacteur)

Whisky and Other Spirits: Technology, Production and Marketing, Third Edition continues to provide details from raw materials to the finished product, including production, packaging and marketing. It focuses on the science and technology of the process as well as the environment in which it is produced. Today, environmental concerns and sustainability of products has taken on a new level of importance. Traditional ways of packaging and marketing have also changed dramatically in recent years as the technology of packaging has moved from a staid bottle industry to spirit products that cross traditional beverage categories and packaging.

This new edition provides the latest changes in industry and the beverages market. All chapters are updated, with new chapters added to help improve research and development, and to increase production of not only whiskey but other spirits such as gin and rum and white spirits. This new edition also discusses trendy reduced alcohol and no alcohol products.

Presents a detailed look into current global situation for whisky and spirits production
Highlights craft distilling and the challenges craft distillers face by presenting the art of spirit production in clear detail
Presents insights into how marketing has changed for distilled products, with an emphasis on new mobile technologies

Engels editie 3e editie (22 september 2021)

596 pages

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