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Rachel Hicks & Andrew Parsons: Craft Gin Making.

€ 20,95 (inclusief btw)

Craft Gin Making is a detailed guide to entering the world of gin production. For beginners and experienced producers alike, it offers key insights and practical advice on what you need to get started and how to progress in this fascinating and growing craft.

It covers both distilling and cold compounding, providing advice on equipment and detailing step-by-step processes, whilst discussing a wide variety of gin production issues. .

Topics covered include:

- A brief history of gin and gin making

- The tools, equipment and ingredients needed for the different methods of producing gin

- A description of the most common methods and how to achieve success in them

- The practicalities of filtration, bottling, sealing and labelling

- Making flavoured gins

- Why things might go wrong and how to correct them

- The legal aspects of gin production


Softcover, 130 pages

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