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Davide Terziotti & Claudio Riva, The Spirit of Whisky History, Anecdotes, Trends and Cocktails

€ 14,95 (inclusief btw)

Scotland and Ireland's unresolved paternity dispute over whiskey is reflected even in the spelling of the word - the Irish add an e . But that has certainly not prevented this distillate from conquering the markets on every continent to become the most consumed product of its kind in the world and winning the praise of countless enthusiasts along the way.

This book is a guide to the discovery of whiskey with its long history and many unique characteristics, from its basic ingredients to its production methods and regional variations. The reader will learn what makes American whiskey different from Canadian or Irish or Scotch whiskeys as well as the meaning of the terminology found on the labels of some of the best-known brands such as single malt , blended and single grain .

Some of today's most popular whiskeys are introduced in 30 information sheets that explore their characteristics and aromas and describe their particularities. Special consideration is given to Japanese whiskies that with their soft taste, limited production and attention to detail, have recently begun to stand out as internationally recognised products of excellence.

The last section of the book is dedicated to a selection of cocktails, both classic and innovative, with all the necessary indications to make them accompanied by the splendid photographs of a master of still life, Fabio Petroni.

Hardcover, 144 pages


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