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Brian Ashcraft: Japanese Whisky

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Japanese whisky has been around for less than a century-but is now winning all the major international awards. How did this happen and what are the secrets of the master distillers? This whisky book divulges these secrets for the first time.Japanese Whisky features never-before-published archival images and interviews chronicling the forgotten stories of Japan's pioneering whisky makers.

Brian Ashcraft's guide to Japanese whisky takes you into the kind of detail you need to make a real buying decision. What does the whisky taste like, who actually makes it, how is it made? It's all here, in an engaging, well-organized guide. -Lew Bryson, author of Tasting Whiskey Recommended reading - BBC Radio A comprehensive look at Japanese whisky and, through it, key aspects of Japanese culture. Enjoyable reading, whether you're taking your first tipple or are a Japanese whisky aficionado. -Anna Fifield, Tokyo bureau chief, The Washington Post Japanese Whisky: The Definitive Guide to the World's Most Desirable Spirit gives deep insight into the spirit's history and also thoroughly explains the specialties of the drink. -Horst Luening, Whisky.com Japanese Whisky: The Definitive Guide to the World's Most Desirable Spirit love of the 'water of life' shines through on every page. From the exhaustive account of Japan's long relationship with whisky to the detailed descriptions of labels produced by its world-beating distilleries, Japanese Whisky should appeal to experienced buyers and novices alike. The perfect accompaniment to a Japanese single malt. -Justin McCurry, Tokyo correspondent for the Guardian The book looks not just at the history of the five main companies and their products-extensive tasting notes provided by whisky expert Yuji Kawasaki also arm the novice drinker when confronted with shelves of tempting bottles-but also at their cultural context. -The Japan Times Brian Ashcraft has done us drinkers a real service here. Japanese whisky has lived a few lives in just a few decades-a guide to where it came from and who's making it now, with careful guidance on what bottles we might want to seek out, is a reference I've been hoping for. And now, with Japanese Whisky in hand, I'm off to the liquor store. - Adam Rogers, Deputy Editor Wired Magazine, author of Proof: The Science of Booze These days, everyone is talking about Japanese whisky, so thank God for Japanese Whisky: The Definitive Guide to the World's Most Desirable Spirit , a readable, deeply knowledgeable tour through the history and modern landscape of this intriguing spirit. -Clay Risen, author of American Whiskey, Bourbon and Rye: A Guide to the Nation's Favorite Spirit

Hardcover: 144

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