Piero Martini : The Little Book of Japanese Whisky

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A fast guide to the finest of all whiskies!

What? Whisky made in Japan? Seriously?
This is the kind of remark one often heard in the past when people (especially in the West) were offered an alternative to Scottish whisky. But times have changed, and you may now happen to hear more often something like:
What? You ran out of my favorite Yamazaki? Seriously?
Some people first learned that Japan was making whisky with Lost in Translation, a Sofia Coppola movie from 2003.
Many people, however, still do not realize that Japan is the world’s third largest producer of whisky behind the Scots and the Americans, effectively above the Irish.
But what makes Japanese whisky so special that it is now one of the most expensive spirits worldwide?
What are the differences from a Scottish (or American) whisky?
How come the Whisky Bible, the best-known book in the whisky world, elected a Japanese whisky, Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2013, its 2015 World Whisky of the Year?
We’ll see all this and more in The Little Book of Japanese Whisky!
Answering these questions will lead us through a fascinating journey into the (drinking) culture of Japan from its origins all the way to the creation of one of the most refined spirits ever produced by mankind.
Whether you’re a whisky aficionado or not even a drinker, whether you’re a Nippon fan or simply curious about the story behind some of the most expensive spirits in the world, you’ll enjoy reading The Little Book of Japanese Whisky!
Grab a copy now and join us in the real world of Japanese whisky lovers!

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