Gordon Rock : How to make food with Whiskey: 25 Tantalizing Whiskey Recipes

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If you have ever been a lover of whiskey then this cookbook will be one you always grab. Are you interested in making food with whiskey? Did you know that you can make many meals with whiskey apart from cocktails? What if you had a way to create easy whiskey recipes? All your whiskey loving ways will be satisfied with this cookbook. You will be cooking with whiskey in more ways than you had ever imagined. Making food with whiskey can be as easy as 1-2-3 and this cookbook will show you just how simple cooking with whiskey is.

You will enjoy all these recipes and you don’t need any previous skills to complete them. This book consists of 25 mouth-watering meals that you will be eager to prepare. You can share these whiskey recipes with your friends or family who will gladly share their enjoyment of these delights. There are meals for almost every occasion. Enjoy meals such as:

  • Whiskey Sausages
  • Bourbon Whiskey Salmon
  • Whiskey Burgers

Just to name a few, when you make these meals you just won’t believe how much food with whiskey you could possibly have. As you go forward into this book, be ready to use your creativity to complete each of these meals. Grab that whiskey and let’s get cooking!

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