Mark Bylok : The Whisky Cabinet: Your guide to enjoying the most delicious whiskies in the world.

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In today's whisky world full of hype and marketing jargon, The Whisky Cabinet navigates straight to the centre of what really matters: enjoying some of the most delicious whisky in the world.

Jargon-free, this is the complete guide for the whisky enthusiast. Not one to shy away from controversy, whisky insider Mark Bylok writes about the changing whisky world including covering such topics as the debate over mash bill recipes, the trend of moving away from age statements and shining a light on the meaning behind marketing labels.  

Learn about the diverse world of whisky with recommendations from the United States, Canada, Japan, Ireland, India, and South Africa. Over 100 whisk brands reviewed offering affordable and available whisky recommendations are provided to help grow the reader's whisky selection.

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